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Quick Summary: Laura Donahue is the new Executive Director of the Texas Humane Legislation Network!
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Be our voice. Break our chains.

Help Stop Inhumane Dog Chaining in Texas

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Heavy chains, embedded collars, cold winter nights, brutal summer heat, days without food or water, open wounds that go untreated, and no help in sight. This is life for thousands of chained dogs. Texas has no enforceable law to prevent this cruelty and neglect. But with your help, we can pass a humane tethering bill that will ban heavy chains, mandate minimum tether length and proper collars, and require adequate shelter, food, and water.

Your holiday gift can make a world of difference for tethered dogs in Texas by helping THLN pass a statewide ban on inhumane tethering in the next legislative session.

Please make a donation today to help change the fate of chained dogs throughout our state.

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Your past contributions have helped save countless numbers of animals from puppy mills, gas chambers, animal fighting rings, and many other sources of cruelty and suffering. 

Now we have the opportunity to help save thousands of dogs from lives of misery and neglect at the end of chains.  Please send your holiday gift today to help end their suffering. This is a victory we can and must win!  


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Stop Inhumane Dog Chaining

Thank you so much for being a voice for the animals. We appreciate your help more than words can express. Wishing you the happiest of holidays and a bright new year ahead. 

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THLN celebrates 40 years of animal protection

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In 1975, the Texas Humane Legislation Network was started by a small group of individuals with a dream as big as the Lone Star State itself: to make the humane treatment of animals the law. Whether they be companion animals, working animals, animals used in entertainment, exotic animals or wildlife, we at THLN believe all animals deserve protection from abuse and cruelty. This year, as we look back on 40 years of service to Texas animals, and celebrate dozens of legislative victories that have touched many thousands of lives, we’re also looking to the future. Join us - Donate - Volunteer - Advocate with Us - and Together, we can Break the Chain of Cruelty and make Texas more humane!

Voted 2nd Most Effective Animal Welfare Org 2011 - Philanthropedia's National Panel of 169 Experts
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