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Shining Star: Kelle Broussard

Kelle Broussard full viewLike any nonprofit organization that operates on a shoestring budget, volunteers are the heart and soul of THLN. Kelle Broussard is one of those special volunteers who -- in addition to her full time job and personal commitments - gives her time and talent every month to help THLN's mission for the animals move forward.

Kelle serves on the fundraising, publications and membership committees. She also makes weekly trips to the Austin post office to collect the THLN mail and process incoming donations. A very important task indeed!

A long-time animal welfare advocate, Kelle is active in letter-writing campaigns for the HSUS and the ASPCA. She has also volunteered at the Austin Humane Society and the Animal Trustees of Austin Spay/Neuter Clinic.

"I've always been passionate about preventing animal cruelty. I love being part of THLN because I know we are giving animals a voice by improving animal protection laws in the state of Texas. I encourage everyone who loves animals to have the courage to use your voice when animals can't. THLN is a good place to start," said Kelle.

Kelle lives in Austin with her husband, Chris, and their three rescue cats: Cuervo, Gumbo and Dot. She also works as a project manager for the Texas County & District Retirement System.

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